Gathering Trinkets

One thing I don’t think we fully appreciate about life, is our social impact – the imprint that we leave on another beings soul…  the story that they carry forward beyond that final meeting. We tend to assume that to be significant to a person, we need to play a constant role in their life but each of us will have experienced the opposite many times over. Think of the people who’ve added value or meaning to your own existence – many in just a short period of time – who now sit quietly in the back of your memory like a trinket from the past; something to dust down once in a while, should the moment arise.


This morning I’ve had a timely reminder of my own treasures as familiar names have appeared on my blog subscription list, their presence a timely gift from an eventful life. My mind has skipped from crowded staff-rooms to quiet restaurants, train platforms to spiritual workshops and within each memory, there exists a different version of myself. I’m no more a chatty teenager than a new teacher and my walking days are most definitely on hold but at the same time, I’m all of these people and I’ll likely remain so, if nothing but in the form of somebody else’s trinket. We are all eternalised by our past.

What I’m learning is that our trinket-memories gain value through the end process… be that a death, a separation or, as in my case, a move away. They are the things that remain when all else is gone, when life moves on and connections are quietly broken. At times, they’ll act as our safe anchor (particularly when we are re-establishing ourselves) and depending on their value, they’ll shape our new beginnings. Our trinkets are powerful entities and as such, should be gathered wisely. Admittedly, we don’t get to decide how people interact with us but we do get to choose how we impress ourselves on others and perhaps we should all value that power a little more. For now at least, I hope that we’ve traded fairly in trinkets and that your collection is as special as mine.


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