The Coincidental Gift

Do you believe in coincidences?


Four months ago, not long after we returned from our elopement to Cornwall, we were very kindly gifted a small ornament as a belated wedding present. The gift was actually one that my friend had kept for some time, after apparently making a spontaneous and rather random purchase many months prior. The ornament had never actually been meant for me but for some reason, just before our scheduled meeting, my friend  had developed a strong sense that it should be passed on to me as a gift.

At the time, I was in quite a confused space. I’d felt torn between my newly acquired home in Ireland and my continued life in Yorkshire and worse still, it was becoming increasingly apparent that we were going to need to sell our boat. The universe seemed to be pushing me in a certain direction but I was still hesitant and I questioned my ability to make our dreams a reality. On the day that the gift was handed to me, I’d met with my friend to explore the possibility of  future work-based accommodation in North Yorkshire – effectively breaking our commitment to a  future move to Ireland.

None of this may seem coincidental, aside from the fact that the ornament was an almost identical replica of a building I’d happened to stand in just a few days before. Whilst still in Cornwall, Chris and I had taken the time to visit a beautiful Japanese garden which was originally established by a husband and wife team who’d had nothing more than a dream to work with. The gardens were deeply peaceful and I’d found myself pondering over our own possibilities whilst sheltering from rain in the wooden pagoda. At that time, surrounded by the reality of someone elses hard work, our vision for Ireland had seemed achievable


The gift had arrived with me at a pivotal time – reminding me of  my own possibilities and sign-posting the way to a future elsewhere. Unsurprisingly,  the opportunity in North Yorkshire failed to manifest and our boat quickly sold soon after –  releasing much-needed funds to continue with our project in Ireland. The Japanese pagoda now sits at the head of my stairs where I glance at it several times a day… a reminder of where I’m meant to be heading. Is this a tale of coincidence? I’m not so sure. Perhaps the gift was in fact, always meant for me…..

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