The Waiting Game

I’ve been letter-box watching for weeks, waiting eagerly for a new passport that doesn’t seem to want to arrive. Not an Irish passport as you might expect (that’ll come later!) but a shiny new UK passport, still flying the EU flag (although perhaps not for much longer). It’s not that I’m desperate to get my hands on one of the ‘later editions’ or that I have a fancy holiday planned, but I do need this passport in order to get things moving in Ireland. It’s quite literally our passport to freedom

Alright, perhaps I’ve made that sound a lot more exciting than it actually is. In reality, I need an up-to-date passport in order to open an Irish bank-account which, by the way, still feels hugely significant. It’s our first step into our new life and a foundation to our Irish identity.. Thankfully though, we won’t be needing to travel to Co. Galway to fill in the necessary paperwork; modern technology has replaced the good old ‘branch interview’ with a convenient Skype alternative. At the very least it’ll be another new experience and one that will hopefully help manage our finances but, first thing’s first… I really do need that passport!




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