A Winter’s Tale

The winter always seems to remind me of my age and this year, I’m feeling it more than usual. My tired bones ache in new ways and there is a heaviness to my body that I’m not familiar with. Just fourteen weeks after the birth of my third son, I know with some certainty that Billy will be my last baby. My body is taking too long to heal and I can hear it’s messages.

It’s ironic really that I should be feeling this way now, just as life begins for us in Ireland. My body, worn from child-bearing, is forcing me into a new pace of life. How better to find out what the cottage is capable of than to live amongst its plants and trees, to  discover its medicine and to breathe in its fresh mountain air. Would I fully appreciate its healing potential if I hadn’t needed it so much myself? Perhaps not.

For now, I’m doing what I can. Each day I take the time to tune into my body’s energy, to listen to its messages and to act upon its needs.  Using food and forage as medicine, I  am able to recover slowly with a deep gratitude to the earth for its infinite healing potential. The wisdom held in this moment may as yet be difficult to appreciate but in time, the dark months will end and their teachings shall so too be revealed. It’s natures way and lesson for us… a message of hope for a not-too-distant future.


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